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Maritime Blind Camps, serving people with visual disabilities

       Winter 2014 "The Best Ever! ...even with 2 blizzards in 4 days!"

Natalie and Daniel bowling during 2014 Winter Blind Camp. That was a 'strike' 
for sure Daniel!
I saw it...
Check it out!!!
Straight down 
the gutter!
Way to go Natalie.
Check Out these Winter Camp 2014 Videos!  Whoohoo!  
Winter Camps

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Winter Blind Camp
Superb Week Filled With Awesome Activities
From February 11-18, a group of blind and vision-impaired individuals experienced
7 nights/8 days in South-East New Brunswick's Winter Wonderland! Based at the
Aboiteaux Chalets in Cap-Pelé, we set out to various locations to enjoy a slew of
winter sports & activities such as snowmobiling with the Moncton
Snowmobile Club #20, deep snow 'Jeeping' with the NB Jeep Club, snowshoeing
at Aboiteau beach, horse & buggy rides at Woodside Stable, playing darts at the
Moncton Dart Club, Bowling at Seasides, attending a WildCats Hockey Game,
Roasting marshmellows on a campfire, snow tubing, being entertained at
the McSweeneys Diner Theatre, staying warm & cozy during the 'Blizzard' and more.
Skiing Sledding Snowmobiling Snowshoeing Winter Camp 2015 Sponsor: Province of New Brunswick Link
Winter Blind Camp possible!  
Corporate Sponsors-Service Clubs-Personal Donations
Winter Camp 2015 Sponsor: Woodside Stable Port Elgin Link Winter Camp 2015 Sponsor: Food Depot Alimentaire Moncton Link Winter Camp 2015 Sponsor: WildCats Hockey Link Winter Camp 2015 Lodging Facility: Chalets Aboiteaux Link
Winter Camp 2015 Sponsor: NB Jeep Club  Link Winter Camp 2015 Sponsor: Southeast NB Snowmobile Club 20 Link