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Maritime Blind Camps, serving people with visual disabilities
Health & Wellness
The Health & Wellness Group learns various stretches for the legs. The Group learns how to do light weights using cans of soup.
Making It Work!-Regain Your Health! offered a 15 Week Program
aimed at providing participants with motivating tools
to help them 'Regain a Healthy Lifestyle'.
The Group met every Monday from 1-4pm
at the Lions Club on St. George Street and other locations
in South East New Brunswick. Each week, we exercise
together, learn new workouts, stretching and flexibility
techniques, enjoy nutritious snacks, share insights,
challenges and successes, and receive informative teachings
from various professionals who brought forward a variety of
health & wellness tips for a healthy Body, Mind & Soul.    
dumbells, an apple and a measuring tape representing health and nutrition The Moncton Health & Wellness Group goes to walk at Centennial Park. A beautiful picture of the Health & Wellness Group after our third outing at Centennial Park. Jonathon works on his shoulders using dumbells. The gang experienced AquaZumba!  Dancing to the music in the pool yeah! Health & Wellness discovers the benefits of getting a little treat at Gojis.  Everyone had $5 to spend, so moderation and choices were of utmost importance.

Maritime Blind Camps, serving people with visual disabilities.   BLINDCAMPS.CA is the brand name of Maritime Blind Camps.  This website is the property of Maritime Blind Camps. All rights reserved.

A subsidized program put together by the directors.

Professional presentations & activities based on  ‘7 Rs'

Reconnect Body-Mind-Soul

Refocus Nutritional Optima

Revive Physical Vigor

Reclaim Mental & Emotional Fitness